Act like an InsurTech

We empower our partners to provide world-class insurance products without having to re-prioritise their internal IT-roadmap.
We enable oil tankers to move like speed boats.


We help innovative insurers to shape the future of the industry. We offer an API-powered agile insurance product and distribution platform that operates between digital customer touchpoints and legacy IT systems.

Thus, we make sure your IT empowers you, rather than restricts you, irrespective of your legacy system setup.

What we do

We approach partnerships with a blank piece of paper and mind full of ideas. Our highly customised solutions focus on what the customers see and the distribution partners need.

The first step is stripping away the complications to discover the technical solutions needed to address our partners’ core goals. We only want to deliver enough technology as required at every step from idea to scale to ensure that you spend the least amount of money required to validate your hypothesis. Then things get interesting; our engineering team has built an agile product platform capable of advanced modular product setup, integration of best-in-class third party services, and easy integration into any digital-customer touchpoint.

What makes us different?

We are the rare breed of entrepreneurs, insurance specialists, and technology engineers. Why does this matter? We have the vision to know what to build and what not to. And we’re able to build at a speed that’ll make you dizzy. But don’t just take our word for it.

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