We help you act like an insurtech startup would

We empower our partners to offer world-beating insurance products without having to re-prioritise their internal IT-roadmap.


To help innovative insurance companies to shape the future of insurance How? By offering an API-powered agile insurance product platform that sits in between digital customer touchpoints and your legacy IT.

Thus, taking your internal IT off the critical path to product launch.

What we do?

We started with a white piece of paper and focused on what the customer sees and distribution partners need. Then, we stripped down the complications in insurance to the very core and injected technology solutions.

Now we let our insurance partners choose what they need. Our engineering team has built an agile product platform that allows for modular product setup, integration of best-in-class third party services and easy integration into any digital customer touch point.

What makes us different?

We are the rare breed of entrepreneurs, insurance specialists and technology engineers. Why does this matter? We know what to build and more importantly what not to build. We then know how to build it and we execute at a speed that makes you dizzy!

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