AI-Powered Watch Insurance

AI-Powered Watch Insurance Case Study (Baloise, Snapsure).


Baloise Group


Baloise sought to create a more engaging user-journey for insurance products, partly through the use of image-recognition AI.
After discussing pilot ideas, KASKO’s task was to support the creation of a watch-insurance product using photo-recognition AI provided by Picsure. Baloise wanted the project ready for their AGM and Basel World in three weeks time.
The product had to be designed and built using technology which had never been utilised in Europe to offer insurance, but the success pilot justified further investment and now Baloise uses the same photo AI to insure dozens of product categories.


Design new, radical customer journey using third-party technology

Successful pilot launch that validates assumptions and justifies expansion

Concept designed and launched in only 3 weeks

Product publicity at Basel World 2017 with 93.5 million online views
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