German-speaking Administrative Assistant

German-speaking Administrative Assistant
(UK or Germany)

What are you looking for, KASKO?
We are looking for a diligent Administrative Assistant who has a keen eye for detail and good time management skills. You will have to communicate with clients and help them establish their business in the EU. The ideal candidate will enjoy being well-organised and will keep their work processes smooth and  done in a timely manner.
Great, and suppose I am one, why should I join you?
Well, we are one of the fastest growing InsurTech start-ups, revolutionising the multi trillion insurance industry. So, you have the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology, help shape a platform from ground up, leveraging microservice, and leave your mark within an exponentially fast-growing business. Oh, and we are a friendly and fun bunch of folks to work with!
OK KASKO, well that sounds good, but what do you do actually?
Great question! We are an InsurTech business. With the help of our brilliant tech platform, we’re building the first truly global network connecting insurers to digital ecosystems and their customers.
Insurance? Tech? That sounds kinda boring.
Haha, you’re not the first person to say that. But don’t judge a book by its cover! Insurance is one of the largest and richest industries in the world, but it’s way behind in terms of tech innovation. At KASKO, we are looking to become the backbone that drives and enables that change for the whole industry. We are making insurance sexy again😜! Interested? Read on!

Solving a Problem

Insurance – we all need it, most people are confused by it and few really “get it”. While most other things are now super easy to buy and handle online, insurance is still a nightmare.

Existing legacy IT-systems stifle insurer innovation, meaning they can’t build new products quickly, offer them in digital channels, integrate cool new services or data, and test what works and what doesn’t, effectively.

KASKO’s Solution

KASKO offers an end-to-end insurance platform allowing insurers to build, run and continuously optimise digital insurance products in any distribution channel quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly.

Thus, we empower the multi-trillion-dollar insurance industry to embark on the digital revolution that other industries have gone through already. We allow insurers to build better products for consumers and to offer those in any channel and ultimately move from a fragmented offline world to a truly global, digital marketplace.

Who We Are

We’re an InsurTech business backed by some of the UK’s top investors incl. Seedcamp (Backers of: Transfer Wise, Property Partner and Revolut) and Chris Slater (Co-founder Simply Business, 500m exit).

We have an amazing technology platform, clients that are keeping us super busy and a clear vision of where the insurance industry is going and how we can help it get there! But to do that, we need to expand our awesome team.

We’re a diverse bunch from all over the world, with backgrounds in everything from insurance and technology to languages and history and we believe that diversity is what makes us so strong, so everyone has the opportunity to shine, but words a cheap so come and meet us to find out for yourself.

The Job

You will be working directly with the CEO, CFO and Head of Legal and Compliance and engaging with our clients who are usually global insurers, MGAs and brokers and who require assistance while  establishing their business in the EU. You will also have the opportunity to present our service offerings and help to create tangible opportunities. This role will be fully remote. You will:

  • Provide administrative support to CEO, CFO and Head of Legal and Compliance
  • Support our clients to set up cross-border insurance intermediation entities
  • Assist with the client’s annual accounts and their documentation
  • Assist with the payroll
  • Assist with the sales campaign and reaching out to new potential clients
  • Coordinate our client contract negotiation and review process.

This job is a great opportunity to become part of a well-funded, growing business during the scale-up phase. Your career progression is much faster than in a regular (corporate) role and the responsibilities and learning opportunities are far greater and more dynamic. We are a bunch of cool (well mummy says so), smart people on a mission to profoundly innovate the insurance landscape, building something amazing with a great team. You wanna be part of that?

You are:

  • Fluent in English & German (additional languages even better)
  • 2-3 years of working experience, preferably in accounting or audit within a financial institution or accounting firm
  • Curious, proactive, and like to take responsibility for things
  • Meticulous and have a good eye for detail
  • Good at multitasking and time management
  • Eager to keep learning
  • And have a can-do and humorous attitude


Only as a team can we make our vision a reality. We offer:

  • An attractive salary package
  • Stock options so you own part of KASKO
  • Unlimited holiday (you’re responsible for your own time off)
  • Flexible working hours and remote working (no in-office time, but opportunity to meet your colleagues for fun company events and socials)
  • Career development through mentorship and knowledge sharing

Shape the future of KASKO and the entire insurance industry.

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