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Building Retail Cyber Insurance in 1 Day
From 0 to high triple-digit policy sales a week in 18 months
Ecosystems will drive distribution and services while data from sources like IoT are the fuel that will power them, but how do you take part and not get left outside?

Providing an end-to-end solution with self-service portal.

Switzerland’s first cyber-insurance; launched and integrated with multiple banks in weeks.

Natively embedding insurance products at checkout and after-sale.

Expanding product offering using white-label insurance capacity.

Launching European’s first AI-powered watch insurance in three weeks, by flexibly integrating 3rd party tech.

Expanding insurance cross-selling opportunities for digital businesses, through customizable plug and play solutions.

Enabling AutoScout24 to inject trust in their marketplace by offering uniquely tailored test driver insurance to their private sellers.

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