Cross Selling Travel Insurance

Cross-Sold Travel Insurance Case Study (AXA).

Customisable Plug and Play Affinity Case Study



AXA wanted to take advantage of revenue-diversification opportunities with a data-driven, cross-sold travel insurance product.
The key was to create a modular core product which allows for mass customisation, while designing a flexible customer journey that could be adapted depending on the amount of information that needs to be collected.
KASKO was determined to find a solution that would bypass the high-implementation costs of cross-selling – allowing AXA to tap-into the “long tail” of potential distribution channels.


Flexible, customisable, modular travel-insurance product
Product can be set-up on any site, app, or channel in a few hours
Implementation costs and barrier-to-entry lowered to a minimum
Flexible, customisable, modular travel-insurance product
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