For Digital Businesses

“I want to cross sell insurance products to increase customer trust and revenue.
I have an insurance partner, but their tech is old and their products are inflexible.
I want better, faster, more flexible, insurance tech.”

Combining flexible best-in-class tech with go-to-market expertise, allowing you to select the ideal insurance product and partners.


Product design

Working with you and your insurer to design the insurance product that’s just right, for you and your customers.



State-of-the-art REST API to seamlessly connect workflows and checkouts at the relevant customer touchpoints.


Mobile-First UI

Plug & play customer journey that matches your style, complies with regulations and allows for easy A/B testing.


Flexible Product Framework

Empowering your insurance partners to offer you the tailored product that you need.


Payments & Policy

Flexible payment and collection methods with real-time issuance of digital policies and customer notifications.


Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive reporting of transactions, commissions, conversions and A/B tests results for ongoing optimization.

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