For Insurers & Brokers

“I am looking for a partner that enables me to launch, optimize and scale new or existing insurance services & operations without having to re-prioritize my internal IT-roadmap”

Our Services

Flexible Product Engine

100% product and pricing tailoring including connecting to your pricing webservices and relevant third-party services.

Mobile-First UI

Best-in-class customer journey builder that is compliant with regulation and allows for easy A/B-Testing.


State of the art REST API to seamlessly connect into workflows and checkouts at the customer touch points.

Payments & Policy

Flexible payment methods via us or yourself as well as real-time binding and issuing of digital policies.

Policy Management

Cloud-based policy centre for no-touch integration or various export/import functionality including virtual bot agents.


Support during product design and distribution strategy as well as ongoing product optimisation.

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