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Chief Sales Officer

Current Location:

Stuttgart, Germany

Work Location:

Remote, Hybrid, On-Site

Preferred Location:

South or West Germany; Austria, Switzerland

Work Hour:


Start Date:

October, 2023


A confident leader with outstanding commitment, customer orientation and excellent people management skills. Experienced in the development and implementation of go-to-market strategies and sustainable sales topics paired with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. 13+ years of proven track record in creating mobility solutions and pushing the digital transformation. Extensive network in the German insurance market, ability to advise on Senior-level communication and multichannel sales skills. A strategic, visionary, and hands-on mentality, talented in change processes and strong team formation.


Preferred Job Titles

  • Head of Sales & Cooperations for insurance companies, Mobility (DE)

  • Sales Manager Assistant, Mobility (DE)

  • Client Advisor, Finance & Insurance (DE)

  • Project Manager, Marketing solutions (DE)

  • Client Advisor, Insurance (DE)

  • Chief Sales Officer

  • Chief Strategy Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer


  • Marketing, Insurance (German Broker Academy)

  • ThePowerMBA


German, English, Romanian, French (basic)

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