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Managing Director

Current Location:

London, UK

Work Location:

On-Site, Remote, Hybrid

Preferred Location:

London, UK; Paris, France.
No travel restrictions

Work Hour:

Full-time, Part-time

Start Date:



Experienced multilingual leader in Insurance, InsurTech, and digital markets for 30+ years. Held leadership roles in the UK, EU, and US, with expertise in negotiation, networking, company management, and strategic goal-setting. Previous positions include global business departments at large consulting firms, establishment of a well-recognised InsurTech company in Europe.

Most recently served as the MD of European Distribution at a leading Insurtech and MGA focused on corporate fleet and mobility telematics and platform-led insurance.


Preferred Job Titles

  • Managing Director & Head of Distribution, Europe, InsurTech (UK)

  • General Manager EMEA, InsurTech (UK)

  • Independent Management Consultant (UK)

  • President & CEO, Insurance (FR)

  • CEO (France) & Head of Underwriting EMEA,
    Insurance (FR & UK)

  • SVP, Private Equity and M&A Practice, Professional Services & Insurance (UK)

  • Director, European Business, Insurance
    Brokerage (UK)

  • SVP, Manager of the Global Business Unit,
    Management Consulting (US)

  • C-Level or Managerial positions

  • Advisory, Interim, NED


  • Master in Business Law, (FR)

  • Degree in English Common Law and Equity (UK)


English, Italian, French, Spanish

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