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Operations & Risk Specialist

Current Location:

Esher, Surrey (UK)

Work Location:

Remote, Hybrid

Preferred Location:

London area (UK)

Work Hour:


Start Date:

2 weeks


A seasoned professional with a strong background in insurance and operations with the most recent position in a pioneering Chilean startup specialising in cutting-edge life insurance and wellness services in new Latin American markets. Boasting a well-established expertise and recently relocating to the UK, now seeks an opportunity to apply their extensive skill set and experience in consulting, operations, or project management. Fueled by a drive for professional growth and determined to make a significant impact within a dynamic and challenging work environment.


Preferred Job Titles

  • Global Expansion Lead, InsurTech unicorn (CL)

  • Operational Risk Deputy Manager, Insurance (CL)

  • Head of Operational Risk Management,
    Insurance (CL)

  • Recruitment Analyst, Staffing & Talent Solutions (CL)

  • Regional Operational Risk Specialist,
    Insurance (CL)

  • Operational Risk Management Consultant, the Big 4 company (CL)

  • Senior Analyst

  • Operations Lead

  • Operations Manager


  • Diploma in Cybersecurity (CL)

  • International Diploma in Reinsurance (CL)

  • International Business Management degree (CL)


Spanish (native), English

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