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Sales Director

Current Location:

Bergkamen, Germany

Work Location:


Preferred Location:

Up to 100 km radius around Bergkamen (e.g. Dortmund or Cologne)

Work Hour:


Start Date:

September 2023 (but flexible)


A Sales Director with extensive experience in the German insurance market building successful businesses and sales strategies across D2C, B2C, and B2B2C channels. Strong acquisition management skills and data-driven approach, which have resulted in significant revenue growth. Expert in nationwide sales distribution, ranging from classic and conservative to modern and digital, including broker, pool, and insurance sales. Passionate about bridging the gap between traditional and digital sales models, capable to adapt to changing environments and quickly learn new skills.


Preferred Job Titles

  • Sales Director, Insurance (DE)

  • Company Representative, Consulting & Sales

  • Head of Business Development, Insurance &
    Technology (DE)

  • Founder & CEO, Insurance (DE)

  • Founder & Managing Director, Insurance
    Brokerage (DE)

  • Sales Representative, Insurance (DE)

Sales Director


  • Certified Business Analyst, Deutsche Versicherungsakademie

  • Certified Insurance Specialist

  • Home Savings & Finance Specialist



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