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Senior Insurance Executive

Current Location:

London, UK

Work Location:

Remote, Hybrid, On-Site

Preferred Location:

London and South East UK

Work Hour:


Start Date:



An entrepreneurial Senior Insurance Executive (FCA CF1 and SMF3) with 21 years of experience in the Insurance/Reinsurance industry in Bermuda, London, and Asia. Multi-line leadership experience on most sides of the insurance ecosystem (Insurer, Broker, Reinsurer, MGA, Consultant) that included co-founding and building a leading London market MGA with a global footprint and exiting to a major global insurer after 7 years building the firm organically.

Responsible for the P&L and writing premiums in excess of $450m and covering risks in excess of $2.5bn across multiple risk classes.


Preferred Job Titles

  • Senior Director, Global Management
    Consulting company (UK)

  • Independent Consultant, Insurance, Reinsuranc
    & Underwriting (UK)

  • MD & Chief Underwriting Officer, Specialty/Contingency MGA (UK)

  • VP & Senior Underwriter, Reinsurance (BM)

  • Technical Finance Analyst, Insurance (UK)

  • Business Planning Manager, Insurance (CN/IN)

C-Level roles: CSO, CCO, COO, Deputy, CUO, Managing Director, Director Insurance, SD


  • Master of Business Administration (US)

  • Master of Science in Actuarial Science (UK)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (IN)



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