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Senior Product Manager

Current Location:

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Work Location:

Remote, Hybrid, On-Site

Preferred Location:

Heidelberg, Germany

Work Hour:

Full-time, Part-time

Start Date:

February, 2023


Experienced Product Executive with 15+ years experience of technology and business operations, including building high-performing teams, products and go-to market strategies.

Has built multiple startups from the ground up. Visionary go-getter, strong at digital transformation and innovation management. Other areas of expertise include Business Development & Partnerships, P2P, B2C & B2B Digital Businesses, data analysis & visualization, web development.


Preferred Job Titles

  • Product Strategist, Digital Strategy & Software Development company (SLO)

  • Chief Product Officer, Car rental P2P platform (SLO)

  • Product Strategist of the Digital Team,
    Banking (SLO)

  • VP of Product Development, Energy
    Retail (SLO)

  • Managing Director, Energy Retail (SLO)

  • Marketing Director, Car battery manufacturing company (SLO)

Senior Product Development roles


  • Entrepreneurship and Executive Development, CEED Top Class

  • Master's Degree, International Economics


English, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian

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