KASKO's Self-Service Product Builder

Set up Insurance APIs in Hours and Frontends in Days.

Use Cases



I need to digitalise a number of new and existing insurance product sales journeys!


Embedded Insurance

I’m looking to get into embedded insurance and need to be able to customise my offering & connect distribution partners quickly & flexibly


In-House control

We want to take control and bring in-house our distribution digitalisation process, with more control for our IT and business users and less reliance on vendor support!


White Labelled Plug & Play frontends

I need APIs but also white labelled frontends, depending on the channel and product.

Self Service Platform

Since 2015 we at KASKO have been helping insurers, MGAs and InsurTechs, large and small, digitalise and launch insurance products in all verticals and channels.

Now we have released our Product Builder, which is available as a self-service platform allowing you to bring the digitisation process in-house on our no-code and low-code platform. 

Unlimited insurance products & distributor connections for €2,000/month + 0,5-1% of Gross Written Premium

Digitalise all aspects of insurance product distribution and contract management

Frontend Builder

Frontend Builder

Set up white labelled frontends in a few weeks within our drag and drop environment and customise them with some basic JS and CSS skills. Create customised versions for different channels and allow your distribution partners to integrate the plug & play customer journeys within their own channel and get set up in hours

Pricing & Underwriting

Create pricing, underwriting and workflow rules (e.g. referral and manual underwriting) in normal excel that can be uploaded automatically converted into fast and scalable pricing engines & quote-offer-bind API, without the speed and scale limitations of regular excel. With our help, also use external API feeds and webhooks to augment or replace the excel converter tool for pricing & underwriting.

Email & Document generator

Set up static and dynamic docs and email templates with some basic HTML knowledge.

Configure rules & event triggers to determine when to generate and send them and to automate workflow processes.

Channel specific versions

Create different product variants and rules for different distribution channels & partners.  

Create sub-products where you can override:

 – Frontends & customer journeys

 – Documents & Emails

 – Pricing & underwriting rules

 – Payment collection processes 

Distributor Channel (Integration)

Distribution Management System

Setup, configure & manage all your different distribution channels.  Decide which products & variants a channel will be able to sell.  

Provide the channels with API keys or integration snippets for plug & play frontends and decide what level of oversight and control your distribution partners have over policies, payments and contract management.

Policy Management

You and your distributors can use our Policy Management Dashboard to view policies and handle things such as contract changes (mid-term adjustments), renewals, cancellations and refunds. 

However everything is modular and all data can also be pushed into your systems at any stage. 

Policy Management Dashboard

Here is a sneak peek video, if you’re interested but still not sure if you want a call.

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