On-Demand Insurance

On-Demand Insurance Affinity Distribution Case Study (AutoScout24). Click here to visit the live webapp.




AutoScout24, one of Europe’s largest online car marketplaces, was looking to improve the experience of users who buy from private sellers. Discussion highlighted test-drive insurance for private sellers as the ideal starting place. The cover needed to shield sellers from financial loss in the case of an accident.
German regulations made this an unprecedented legal challenge. At only two months old, KASKO needed to actualise fast, new value propositions for the market. They teamed up with independent insurer Barmenia, who underwrote the risks of this novel, point-of-demand cover.
KASKO was to conduct extensive market research; design a pragmatic user-journey that traversed all complications; and use their flexible product platform for quote offer, binding, policy issuance, and payment.


Successfully integrated as a part of AutoScout24’s customer journey
Awarded Innovation Award of German Insurance Industry
Initial product led to 3 further product integrations
Established long-lasting relationships and initiated more projects