Third-driver Insurance

Third Driver Insurance Case Study (FRI:DAY, Barmenia). Click here to visit the live web-app and here to visit the test web-app.


FRI:DAY & Barmenia


FRI:DAY is the first completely digital car insurer in Germany and they offer insurance quotes within 90 seconds.
FRI:DAY conducted comprehensive market and consumer research; they wanted to test out marketplace sentiment for third-driver insurance without large scale development costs.
Cooperation between FRI:DAY, Barmenia, and KASKO was identified as the most promising solution. FRI:DAY could get capacity from Barmenia, whist KASKO was able to recycle tech solution that were used to launch various innovative insurances in the automobile space with Barmenia before.


Rapid expansion of FRI:DAY’s service offering

A modular insurance product for bespoke solutions

A 100% white-labelled insurance product

Interorganizational coordination of processes
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