We’re entrepreneurs with expertise in insurance and technology. Our vision is offer the right insurance, in the right place, at the right time, meeting the ever changing models of customer behaviour. KASKO is the bridge between traditional insurers and digital businesses who want to provide value to their customers by offering protection.

As the economy moves towards a more on-demand model, consumer behaviour throws up a whole range of new insurance use-cases. Instant delivery of products and services. And at the forefront are digital and mobile businesses adapting to and creating new consumer behaviours. But with all of this change some things remain the same - we are risk averse and we want protection, but the kind that evolves to our needs. KASKO can leverage the existing deep touch- points that digital businesses have with their customers to find new ways to provide value to those customers by connecting them to established and underwritten insurers.

Our founders Nick and Matt have been friends since uni, and together seized the first opportunity they could to begin developing the vision of KASKO.

Nick Sühr

Nick, our “Destroyer of Inboxes” has nearly a decade of experience in the insurance business, product development, and strategy consulting. Changing how insurance is being offered has been his passion ever since he started photocopying classic car certificates in the family insurance business.

Matt Wardle

Matt, our tech guy has nearly a decade of experience in software development, in startup engineering and consultancy. He’s led large development teams for Accenture and has brought a strong strategic focus and business sense to the development of KASKO.

What others think

1st place at 3 Day Startup at WHU against over 100 other ideas in January 2015

2nd place at Jacobs Startup Competition against almost 150 other contestants in March 2015

Participant at hub:raum accelerator in Berlin beginning April 2015

Joined Seedcamp in London beginning May 2015

Interview with Daily Fintech in August 2015

1 of 16 insurance tech startups to watch in 2016.

Top 3 in InsurTech Category April 2016

Finalist in the European EIT Digital Challenge 2016

European Union Horizon 2020